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World Futures Day, a 24-hour, around-the-world conversation on the future, will be held March 1 all day

Mar. 01, 2023.
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Senior Editor Amara Angelica, an electrical engineer and inventor, was previously Editor of Kurzweil AI, working with Ray Kurzweil on The Singularity Is Near and other works

Hosted by The Millennium Project, anyone in the world can join the discussion on Zoom at local 12 noon in whatever time zone you’re in. “This will be the tenth year this open conversation on how to build a better future has been held,” says Jerome Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project.

The event will kick off in New Zealand March 1 at 12 noon NZ time and will move west every hour. At 11 noon East Coast U.S. time, Internet pioneer Vint Cerf and futurist pioneer Theodore Gordon will join the event, according to Glenn. 

World Futures Day — Young Voices will be a side event, co-organized by Teach the Future and The Millennium Project.

Other participating organizations include Association of Professional Futurists (APF), Humanity+, the Lifeboat Foundation, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). 

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