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Leveraging Biomarkers with Michael Lustgarden | Mindplex Podcast – S2EP7

Feb. 05, 2024. 1hr. 23min. watch. Interactions

Michael Lustgarden explains how he uses aging biomarkers from a basic CBC panel to track and, through course correction (such as supplements or diet changes), gradually slows down one's rate of aging.

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One thought on “Leveraging Biomarkers with Michael Lustgarden | Mindplex Podcast – S2EP7

  1. Such a wonderful episode, thank you!

    One of the coolest developments over the recent years have been the increased consumer access to health tech devices and services. In addition to improved capabilities, the costs from genome sequencing to fitness trackers have become much more affordable. 

    But there is even more to the story. Costs of some opportunities are not primarily financial but rather effort and time consuming. For example, think about logging meals; it is a constant daily burden but comes with tremendous potential benefits. Educating oneself in these subject matters is another example. The Internet is full of free super high quality information (such as this very podcast) but it requires some mental work to reap the value of it. 

    Think of how much genuine thinking and effort begins to flow into these questions if value from scientific benefits would end up in the hands of those who do the work. Suddenly all that hard work becomes much more rewarding. Suddenly those financially costly services become more accessible. Even if such a system doesn’t exist quite yet, the data will not expire. One who believes in such a future can do so much already today. 

    And Dr Ben, I know your time is valuable so here is a tip for you: I recall you have a fancy new phone. You can take a pic of your meals. It should be faster than weighing and writing. 



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