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 I Am Art: Amrita Sethi On NFTs, Murals, and Web3 | MCP Episode 9

Feb. 01, 2024. 0hr. 51min. watch. Interactions

Meet Amrita Sethi, an award-winning NFT artist and UAE Golden Visa holder, pioneering the UAE's NFT art scene. She reshapes the artistic landscape by intricately embedding stories into digital art.

About the host

Mihaela Ulieru

15.72675 MPXR

Dr. Ulieru, a Blockchain pioneer, champions equality and a fair society. As an esteemed academic researcher, she spearheads multi-stakeholder programs in Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Applications. With over 200 peer-reviewed articles, over 250 keynote speeches, and support for several non-profits and foundations, she still finds time to write poetry.

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