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An Arm and a Leg … The Future of Human Augmentation

Mar. 06, 2023.
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Scientists reveal human augmentation with robotic body parts is imminent, unlocking our potential

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Scientists believe that the use of robotic body parts will soon become a reality, allowing humans to improve their capabilities and productivity. Human augmentation is not a new concept, but recent advances in 3D printing and robotics have made it a more practical possibility. Cambridge University researchers have already created a 3D-printed thumb that can be added to any hand to provide extra control and dexterity. The thumb could be useful in a variety of fields, including surgery, electrical engineering, and catering. Robotic body parts could be designed to meet specific workplace needs and even worn by people who do not have disabilities but want to improve their abilities. The key to human augmentation device success is that they do not detract from the wearer’s original capabilities. Instead, they add a layer of control that can be used with as little impact as possible for the most gain. The approach is based on the idea of enhancing a person’s existing capabilities rather than attempting to replace or replicate them. The use of robotic body parts raises concerns about their effect on the nervous system as well as ethical concerns about invasive procedures. The possibilities for increased productivity and human capabilities, on the other hand, are exciting, and research in this area is ongoing.

Source: The Guardian (link)
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