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Generative AI like viral ChatGPT lands on DISA technology watch list

Jan. 31, 2023.
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Generative AI like viral ChatGPT lands on DISA technology watch list

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Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) authorities in the United States have taken note of ChatGPT, a bot developed by OpenAI that generates natural-sounding material using AI. DISA’s watch list, which is frequently updated to include areas that have become critical to defense connectivity and security, now include ChatGPT. The U.S. military has been investing in artificial intelligence and related technologies to enhance battlefield analysis and maintenance forecast, although the precise application of generative AI in the Pentagon yet to be seen. From $600 million in 2016, public investment in AI at the Pentagon has climbed to $2.5 billion in 2021, and by early 2021, more than 685 AI projects had been initiated. While ChatGPT has the potential to increase efficiency in the workplace, it is not without its critics who raise concerns about potential prejudice and ethical issues.


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