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OpenAI’s “insane secret image generator … outperforms previous image generators”

Jul. 27, 2023.
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Likely a DALL-E 2 future upgrade

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Image created with future OpenAI image generator (credit: MattVidPro)

“OpenAI has been privately testing a new iteration of its AI imaging model … and early samples leaked by YouTuber MattVidPro AI show it outperforming previous image generators,” Jose Antonio Lanz reveals in Decrypt today.

“Likely an upgrade of DALL-E 2 … the model showed sharp images with lighting and reflections that mimic real photos .. and recreated detailed paintings down to visible brush strokes.

“Extremely exciting—this blows anything we’ve seen before out of the water, it’s insane,” Matt said in a preview he posted to YouTube. “As models continue improving, the line between artificial and real blurs even further.” 

Image created by Decrypt using AI (credit: Decrypt)

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