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Quora introduces ChatGPT rival Poe

Feb. 06, 2023.
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Poe, Quora’s AI-powered chatbot platform, allows users to ask questions and engage in back-and-forth conversations with several AI-powered bots. Poe is currently available for iPhone users, but will soon be available on all major platforms. Poe intends to be a bot aggregator, allowing users to access multiple chatbots in a single app that will be optimized for specific tasks. Poe CEO Adam D’Angelo predicts that in the future, Poe will integrate models such as GPT-3.5 and chatbots such as ChatGPT. By reducing the amount of work required to reach a large audience, the platform is expected to bridge the gap between fast and user-friendly interfaces and AI developers. Quora is also working on an API that will allow AI developers to connect their models to Poe.


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