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Revolutionizing Human Resources with ChatGPT: 7 Powerful Use Cases

Mar. 08, 2023.
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HR is going to be completely transformed as AI takes hold.

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ChatGPT can transform HR using AI and this article (link belwo) covers the  top HR use cases.  First is hiring. HR personnel may focus on strategic duties by automating resume screening and interview scheduling using ChatGPT. It can also answer frequently asked questions and match individuals based on abilities and experience in real time. Next up is Employee onboarding. ChatGPT can automate administrative chores and provide new hires with real-time support and resources, providng all employees with real-time answers to questions on bnefits, vacation, and payroll. Training is another area, it can do the training as well as schedule training sessions and remind staff about training events.

Finally, ChatGPT can assist HR professionals to comply with local and national regulations, tracking HR policy compliance and offer compliance updates.

In general, ChatGPT can assist HR departments optimize operations, improve employee experience, and comply with regulations. As this technology improves, HR professionals should be aware of its amazing capabilities.

Source: Forbes (link)
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