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China’s Answer to ChatGPT Is Called ‘Ernie’

Feb. 08, 2023.
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Baidu, the Chinese tech giant, is developing Ernie, China’s answer to ChatGPT. The AI-powered language model, abbreviated with the clunky “Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration,” has been in development since 2019 and is set to debut as a standalone service in March. Ernie can understand language, generate language, and generate images from text. Baidu intends to incorporate Ernie into its search engine in the future, similar to Microsoft’s strategy with ChatGPT and Bing. Due to the inability of many Western companies to operate in China, Ernie may be the first AI chatbot with which many Chinese internet users interact. Although its capabilities are unknown, Ernie is expected to be a strong competitor to ChatGPT and Bard after four years of development.


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