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Revolutionizing Therapy: UBC Professor Develops AI-Powered Questionnaire for Mental Health Assessment

Mar. 13, 2023.
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UBC psychology professor uses ChatGPT AI to generate questions for patients seeking psychological care.

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A UBC psychology professor has developed an AI-generated questionnaire for patients seeking psychological care, bringing artificial intelligence into the world of mental health assessment. Friedrich Götz created a new list of personality questions using ChatGPT, an AI program that generates text and converses with users in a conversational manner. He believes that, with human supervision, the bot can be a useful tool for psychotherapists. Some experts, however, remain skeptical about AI’s ability to completely replace in-person counseling, citing the importance of observing the patient’s overall demeanor and mannerisms in mental health assessment.

As AI technology advances, Götz sees chatbots playing a role in assisting people dealing with mental health issues, particularly in combating loneliness. However, he admits that conversing with a chatbot is more akin to conversing with a good friend than conversing with a therapist. The potential of AI in the field of mental health assessment is still being investigated, but it is clear that it has the potential to transform the way we approach therapy.

Source: Vancouver City News (link)
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