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Revolutionizing Video Creation: Introducing Gen-1, the AI Model That Generates Videos from Text

Feb. 13, 2023.
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Runway has just announced the release of its latest AI model, Gen-1. This innovative tool allows users to create AI-generated videos from text prompts or by using existing videos. With five different modes for styling videos, Gen-1 gives users the power to stylize, storyboard, mask, render and customize videos with a simple text prompt or image. The early access to Gen-1 is now open, and those interested can join the waitlist by filling out a Google Form. The company even offers the opportunity to move up the waiting list by referring the tool to friends. With this latest release, Runway continues to pave the way for the growth of generative AI, and Gen-1 is set to become the go-to tool for creating amazing AI-generated videos.


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