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The A.I. Wars Heat Up: Google’s $100 Billion Mistake with Bard Chatbot

Feb. 09, 2023.
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The artificial intelligence market is becoming more competitive as tech companies strive to outperform one another with AI-powered products. The unveiling of Google’s upcoming AI chatbot, Bard, was marred by technical difficulties and an error in its first advertisement, resulting in a $100 billion loss in market value for Alphabet, Google’s parent company. With its fast-growing consumer app status and potential to disrupt internet searches, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a human-like text generating chatbot, is ahead of the competition. Microsoft, Google, and Baidu are all rapidly developing their own AI products, with Google being the most advanced, having developed LaMDA, a language learning model similar to ChatGPT. Bard’s error, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of a thorough testing process before broad release, as it joins other chatbots in providing inaccurate and biased responses.


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