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The most in-demand skill is something only humans can do” – Why Management is the Key to the Future of Work

Feb. 16, 2023.
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In today’s world, we frequently hear about how technology is replacing jobs, but according to a new LinkedIn report, the most sought-after skills in 2023 will be management, communication, leadership, and teamwork, all of which are uniquely human. The report emphasizes the importance of soft skills such as empathy, motivation, and listening, which are all necessary for leading people and building strong teams.

While there has been criticism leveled at middle managers, many of whom have been tasked with balancing upper-management demands and employee expectations, it is critical to recognize the value of effective managers who have the necessary skills and training. Companies and individuals can invest in people-management training for those who genuinely want to be managers, while also providing alternative ways to reward and advance employees who are good at their jobs but do not want to be managers.

In today’s changing workplace, it is critical to learn how to lead with empathy, as well as how to motivate and listen to our coworkers and employees. We can ensure our relevance in a world where machines are taking over many tasks by developing and honing our soft skills. The ability to connect with others is a uniquely human strength that cannot be replicated by technology, and it is critical for workplace success.


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