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Coca-Cola and other major marketers enter ‘test and learn’ phase with generative AI

Mar. 30, 2023.
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Is AI the future of marketing? Major brands test generative AI for creativity, but legal issues persist.

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Coca-Cola and other major marketers are experimenting with generative AI to determine how to incorporate AI technologies into their marketing strategies.

But marketers are currently focused on using AI in the creative process. The potential legal ramifications of using generative AI platforms, which scrape data without the consent of publishers, artists, and others, could cause clients legal problems, according to consulting firm DigiDay.

Clients are cautious, according to marketers and agency executives, because of the potential legal issues, and are working with legal teams to ensure that generative AI platforms comply with data collection methods.

Despite the challenges, the potential of generative AI in marketing is very exciting. Christian Pierre, chief data intelligence officer at Gut Miami, believes that by 2024, the majority of the ideas in any major industry awards show’s Creative Data category will be some form of generative AI or inspired by it.

Marketers and agencies are currently in the early stages of testing and learning about how to use generative AI in meaningful ways to deliver on consumer expectations.

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