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Ledger Launches Browser Extension for Easier and Safer Crypto Wallet Connectivity

Mar. 17, 2023.
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Ledger launches new browser extension to make interacting with cryptocurrency easier and safer.

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Ledger, one of the world’s largest crypto wallet providers, has released a new browser extension to improve digital asset security and connectivity.

Users can connect to their crypto wallets and interact with decentralized applications directly via Bluetooth using the Ledger Extension, while remaining protected by the hardware security of their cold wallets. The extension also includes two security measures to keep users safe: smart contract analysis to detect potentially malicious transactions and transaction simulation to demonstrate the impact on the wallet. Although the Ledger Extension is currently only available for Safari, iOS, and MacOS, the company plans to add support for Windows and other browsers in the near future.

Ledger’s focus on improving crypto connectivity and security aims to make it easier for consumers and businesses to interact with dApps and platforms in the space. It hopes to bridge the gap between the technical complexities of the crypto space and mainstream adoption by doing so. As the crypto space evolves, the Ledger Extension is an important step toward securing the future of web3.

Source: TechCrunch (link)
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