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The Future of Music is in AI: David Guetta’s Insights

Feb. 15, 2023.
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Super-producer and DJ David Guetta recently made an intriguing statement about the future of music, claiming that it lies in AI technology. While he recognizes that AI is a tool that cannot replace an artist’s taste and emotion, he believes it has the potential to define new musical styles.

Guetta compares the evolution of AI to the invention of influential musical instruments such as the TR-909 and sampler, noting that each new music style is the result of a new technology. This finding is significant because it implies that artificial intelligence can be used to push the boundaries of music and create new genres.

This statement is especially significant for marketers and copywriters because it indicates that the future of music and creativity is inextricably linked to technology. As a result, brands and businesses must keep up with emerging technological trends and incorporate them into marketing campaigns and copywriting. This not only keeps them relevant, but also ensures that their messaging and content resonate with and capture the attention of their audiences.

David Guetta’s comments about the future of music suggest that AI will be critical in defining new musical styles. This insight emphasizes the importance of incorporating emerging technological trends in marketing and copywriting in order to remain relevant and capture audiences’ attention.


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