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Using AI music generators for your creative process: Advantages and Disadvantages of Top Tools

Feb. 27, 2023.
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Music and AI - The Creators Extend their Creativity with AI Assistance.

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The way we create art, including music, is changing as a result of artificial intelligence. Amateur musicians now have an innovative way to improve their creative process thanks to AI music generators. These systems are used in the music industry as supplementary tools, not as replacements for human artists. Many experts, researchers, musicians, and record labels are investigating new ways to incorporate AI technologies into music, which has resulted in an increase in the number of AI music generators on the market.

This article examines four of the best artificial intelligence music generators: Amper Music, AIVA, Ecrett Music, and Boomy. Amper Music, which is now owned by Shutterstock, is one of the most user-friendly AI music generators, making it ideal for content creators or individuals looking to create soundtracks and sounds for games, movies, or podcasts. AIVA, on the other hand, enables users to create music from scratch as well as variations on existing songs without having to worry about music licensing processes. This article also looks at Ecrett Music and Boomy, the former of which allows users to generate music clips by training on hundreds of hours of existing songs and the latter of which allows users to create original songs in seconds that can be submitted for streaming revenue from various services.

Although these tools have numerous advantages, such as multiple subscription plans and a large number of preset music styles and formats, they also have drawbacks, such as the need for a subscription for unlimited downloading or the lack of a standalone product. In any case, AI music generators have opened up a whole new world for musicians, giving them a simple way to create music and improve their creative process.

Source: Voonze (link)
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